Saturday 31 December 2011

Terence Young

Terence Young on the set of Dr. No with Sean Connery and Ursula Andress

When men think of cool sophistication, they think of Bond, and specifically they picture Sean Connery in the early films. Yet Connery was relatively unknown and unrefined when cast for the role.

Terence Young, the director of Dr. No, turned to his own tailor Anthony Sinclair to oversee the transformation into the suave and stylish character that prevails in our minds today.

Connery was not used to wearing suits at the time and it is said that Young had him wear the suits around the clock, even to the extent of sleeping in them, in order to have him feel totally natural when filming began.

Sinclair created the classic pared-down look which came to be known as the "Conduit Cut" after his original Mayfair premises at 29 Conduit Street. The choice of materials and colours were restricted; lightweight worsted in navy, shades of grey and subtle Glen Urquhart checks or stripes.

The look is understated, not flash. Beautifully dressed, but not foppish. Sophisticated, yet slightly rugged. A look of timeless elegance for men who mean business .... and pleasure.

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